Awards - Most Modern Person of March 2008

Awards - Most Modern Person of March 2008

Who is modern? Being Modern, what does it truly mean? To me it means someone who can defy the world and stick to their principles and can view the world without a bias. Bravery, Self-respect, and Non-judgemental attitude are a few attributes that are essential aspects of a modern human being.

On this blog, I am making a very humble attempt to recognize these undefeatable, courageous forces of humanity that are contributing towards making this world a better place. I am starting out with "The Most Modern Person" award and intend to recognize a new person every month. This may later branch out towards the "Most Modern Woman" and "Most Modern Man" categories if we get enough contenders (the more, the better).

The award for the most modern person of March 2008 goes to Salim. For more information, please refer: Man agrees to buy wife to save her from flesh trade

Some people have expressed that he has sacrificed a lot by accepting a wife who had become a prostitute. I don't agree. You are bound to regret a sacrifice some time in your life. This is not sacrifice. This is a proof of Salim's pure, brave heart that gave him the courage to accept the fact that his wife is suffering for no fault of her own. His care and concern for her prompted him to risk his life and rescue her. By calling this a sacrifice, we are insulting the goodness of his heart and the strength of the love between him and his wife.

Salut to Salim for listening to his heart and following it. He is now one step above the rest of us in humanity.

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