Dear Newcastle - I'll Miss Thee

Dear Newcastle - I'll Miss Thee

And that is weird because I've never come as close to being banished from my home ever in my life. The toon (as in Geordie-talk) has given me some weird memories to ROFL about. If you do want to know more (I can't see why you would), read on at your own risk:

Crows Nest
To say that I love this pub will be an understatement. If I could, I would carry it with me to India. Staff, who are our best friends by the way, Decor, everything. It is right next to the Uni and serves superb food. Fish and Chips, Chicken and Bacon Sandwich (without Bacon if you like), Cod Fish Finger Sandwich, Tuna Melts, Diet Pepsi (not coke!) everything tastes wonderful here. But what makes this pub a winner is that it is 'reasonable'. And this website confirms it. You can get a drink and decent amount of food within 5 GBP pp if you choose your food intelligently. And the pub also has a hygiene rating of 5 stars if you are as fanatic about hygiene as we weren't. Our frequent afternoon lunches wouldn't be the same if it hadn't been for Crows Nest.

The pub earlier used to be called Bar Oz. I'm glad they took on a new name though. I wouldn't want to be associated with a bar named Oz.

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Here is its biggest and meanest burger appropriately called the Original Loaded Burger (special emphasis on Loaded):

Warning: Eat this only if you haven't eaten anything for at least a month else choose a lighter option. One of our friends went into a food-coma on eating this and sat listlessly for hours afterwards.

Northumberland Street:
The most happening street in the toon, as they call it in Geordie. And by that I mean, REALLY happening. It'll be boring if I tell you that all major chains have their stores on this street. So let's just concentrate on the interesting stuff that happens here. Where else can you see a band of Native Americans (or not!) performing? Anywhere else has a store owner ballet danced towards you to tell you that the store is closed? And beat this if you can. Has a nun driving a piano ever stopped by to ask you how to get to San Jose? If you think I am lying (and I won't hold it against you), here's the proof: