Meet the Street - Everyone is someone

Meet the Street - Everyone is someone

World's population recently crossed 7 billion and, out of those, over 1 billion people live in India. There is, indeed, a lot of us! But how many people do we know or recognize? Perhaps 1,000 or 2,000 or, if you are socially very active or have an unusually good memory, 15,000.

Of more than 1 billion people, only a handful are famous. And there's enough talk about them already. Twitter, Newspapers, Facebook, post-lunch discussions, all are buzzing with their names and their personal and professional lives are being minutely analyzed. But do we ever stop and think about who runs the country? Not the politicians or famous writers or artists. And definitely not the Bollywood Actors. The country is run by the guard who stands alert outside your housing society and the milkman who delivers milk to your place before you leave for office and your housemaid who cooks, cleans and washes up for you and by you yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets fame, but everyone does bring something special to the world. Everyone is someone.

Musings brings to you the Meet the Street project to highlight the spark in the so-called common man – someone you are likely to run into on the streets. Hopefully we will someday help some of these faces stand out in the crowd for who they are and what they do for the society to keep functioning.

We hope that you will enjoy these stories. And if there is someone you know who will be a good addition to the project, Musings would love to share their stories too. Feel free to leave a comment on this post and we will get in touch.

Stay tuned!

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