Site Update - New Angles & Tangents

Site Update - New Angles & Tangents

You may have noticed a few recent changes to the side bar over there on the right ...

Now, I'm by no means the most tech-savy of people, but ... I've recently added a few functions which I hope will help make it easier to follow the site. You can now "subscribe" (for free, of course) in order to receive notification when I post new articles on Waymarks either via your web browser's RSS Feed or by email.

And, as a little bird may have told you, you can now follow Waymarks on Twitter too! Likewise, I'll post notification via Twitter of new posts to the blog, as well as other articles and items of note which I find on the web relating to similar areas of interest as are covered here - e.g. history, travel, science, astronomy, books, etc.

You can also see more photos from my travels on the Waymarks Flickr album. I'm no David Bailey by any means, but happily every now and then my little instamatic camera manages to capture an evocative image or two. I've already uploaded a small selection of photos to get the album started and I'm aiming to elaborate on the accompanying captions with a bit more information soon.

A life without books would be no life at all ...

Books will continue to be a big feature of this blog, but in tandem to this I've also added a link to my page on the GoodReads site. Here I post shorter book reviews which might be of interest as, naturally, many of the books I read parallel the interests covered by the articles I post here on this blog. I've also begun a book group at GoodReads - The Historical Exploration Society - which I hope readers of Waymarks might be interested to join or just keep an eye on for relevant book recommendations. (And if you are really interested/bored [!] LibraryThing is where I keep track of some of the books I read for more in-depth research projects.)

As for the blog itself, well, there's plenty more yet to come - I have a number of new articles and travelogues in the pipeline. I also have in mind a series of short features on some of the "souvenirs" I've collected or been given on my various travels - not quite Neil MacGregor's A History of the World in a Hundred Objects perhaps - but certainly another element of exploring the world at large which I find interesting, and which I think will add another angle to some of the journeys I've made and another way of charting the places I've visited ...

I do try to post here at least once or twice a month, but with day-to-day chores (such as the day-job!) and the occasional extended periods of travelling it's sometimes hard to devote as much time as I'd like to the up-keep of Waymarks - so hopefully these additional elements will help to keep the blog a little more current and maybe even make it a little more interactive.

Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback whenever you wish - and last, but by no means least, thanks for following Waymarks.

UPDATE: Waymarks is now on Google+ too.

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