Sanur Bali Dive Sites

Sanur Bali Dive Sites


Sanur Bali Dive Sites - Underwater Scenery Outstanding

Sanur Bali dive sites are perfect for those who do not have much time to dive the North Sea Bali. Sanur dive sites just minutes from the beach. It also is home to a very large marine life such as fish, mantis shrimp, seahorses,  blue-ringed octopus and many different nudibranchs in the area around Sanur reef. There are also various kinds of coral growth with boomies and large table corals. Even the crocodile fish, sea snakes, and sharks sometimes seen.

Sanur Bali Dive

Three dive sites named in the reef in front of Sanur Bali, which was given the name, "Penjor Reef ", "Channel -point " and "Jeladi Wilis". Each of the third dive sites offer different base compositions, respectively. Although there are lot of marine life to see, sometimes underwater visibility can be a challenge and flow depending on the tides. The Penjor Reef is located in the east of Sanur with 5 to 15 meters and visibility of 3 to 20 meters ( 10 to 65 feets ) of depth, can reach 15 minutes with a traditional boat. Currently usually mild, but it can take and be challenge. You can see a variety of marine life like stingrays Penjor Reef blue-see reef sharks and the occasional white-tip, butterflyfish, Chromis and oriental sweetlips. Meanwhile, the main attraction is the vast array of healthy coral. Ones of the dive site quickly and easily is a Penjor Reef. Snorkeling is very suitable for beginner scuba students.

The second dive site of Sanur Bali is Channel Point. The point of the channel which is locate to the east of Sanur with 5 to 15 meters and visibility of 3 to 20 meters (10 to 65 feets) of depth, can be reached in 5 minutes with a traditional boat. Currents can be strong here, especially during the full moon when the waves are usually present. There are many colorful exotic fish in this area. Sea snakes, blue spotted rays occasionally visit white reef shark-tip. Channel point typically a site that is easy. This site is good for diving training and snorkeling because of the convenient location.

Sanur Bali was the last dive site Jeladi Willis. It is located in the East of Sanur and is a nice soft dive sites that began around 3 meters and a slope of about 20 meters. The current here can get strong, so dive at slack tide important. This site has a visibility ranging from 5 to 15 meters. It's easy to look at some nice reef here is home to many stingrays, nudibranchs, scorpion, octopus, fish, and more. Jeladi Willis is also the site that recommended spot for a night dive in Sanur.

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