The four most popular tourist destinations in Bali

The four most popular tourist destinations in Bali


Four outstanding Sightseeing in Bali

Bali Island is one of the famous islands in Indonesia also in the world. The island of Bali is located in the province of Bali, Indonesia, which is located between the islands of Java and Lombok. The island of Bali is a small island that is decorating by beautiful mountains and many beaches are a great attraction for the whole island tourists. Bali presents a variety of attractions both natural atmospheres, religious and cultural attractions as well as which makes it a major tourist attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.
Bali has a million beautiful that makes people always want to go back there. 

The most popular tourist destinations in Bali
Sanur Beach, Bali

Among the many attractions offered in this island, there are 4 main attractions for tourists are always attracted domestic and foreign. There is a beach of Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Tanah Lot. Bali is a major tourist destination in Indonesia, which has many surf beaches and rich tourist sunset charm as the main attraction. One of the most popular is beach of Kuta. Kuta Beach is a tourist place located south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung regency. Kuta itself has many shops, restaurants and tourist destinations that you can visit. Kuta Beach sometimes called the Sunset Beach as opposed to the Sanur beach. In Kuta, visitors can surf, play football, fly kites, just lying on the warm sand beach, or sight seeing Western tourists who witnessed the sun.

If you are interested in a ponytail or a temporary tattoo services, it can be find on this beach you can visit the second beach. Staff is the Sanur beach, which also known as a surfing location. Sanur Beach is famous for its waves that make it a favorite place for foreign tourists to surf. Instead of surfing, Sanur beach is also famous for its clean white beaches and gentle. In addition, Sanur beach is a rocky beach that also known as Sunrise beach as opposed to Kuta Beach.

There are more attractions beach a favorite tourist destination among tourists, there Nusa Dua and Tanah Lot. Nusa Dua is a promontory located on the southern island of Bali. Nusa Dua tourist area will be born out of necessity objective quality rooms for tourists who are expecting to continue to increase in number from year to year. Nusa Dua is located about 40 kilometers from Denpasar . This area compose of limestone, there are many tourist attractions, such as Jimbaran Beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

After enjoy the beauty of nature in Nusa Dua, you can visit Tanah Lot, which also believed to be sacred ground for Hindus. Tanah Lot is located in the village Beraban or 13 km west of Tabanan. Tanah Lot always offered by every tour guide to visit Bali. There are two temples are situated on top of a large rock. One is located in the stone and the other located on a cliff similar to the Uluwatu Temple. Pura Tanah Lot sea temple is a place of worship, which functioned as the god who keeps sea. Four sights above are just some of the attractions that you can visit as your destination when you are traveling to Bali. Another of the above places, there are many tourist destinations that you can use as a place to relieve fatigue and relax with the whole family.

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