Bali is travel and tourism the most beautiful of Indonesia

Bali is travel and tourism the most beautiful of Indonesia

define travel and tourism: Bali, one of the beautiful islands of Indonesia, has been described by many different names - The Hidden Paradise, The Last Paradise on Earth, Morning of the World, the Island of Gods, Island of Thousand Temples, Emerald Isle of Asian and Island of Smiling People. it looks good Bali is travel and tourism the most beautiful of Indonesia

For centuries the island of Bali travel and tourism has attracted visitors from all over the world, interested to see directly festivals and colorful ceremonies, traditional music, and dance, arts and crafts, delicious cuisines, amazing underwater world and fun, this responsible tourism definition

Do you want to holiday, relax and unwind in one of the many white sand beaches in Bali, surfing in the waves 'hardcore', in many shopping malls and traditional markets, there is something for everyone on the island of Bali .. This tropical paradise. Why not be adventurous and try some rafting or diving? Or just relax and clear your mind practice Yoga or Tai Chi.

Bali travel and tourism offer you the best of just relaxing. Bali is quite unique amongst the beautiful islands of Indonesia. It is the last tropical island you will find before reaching the Wallace Line. Once you pass east of this imaginary line, contains flora and fauna of the Australasian species. Is it any wonder, then, that Bali, with swaying palms and tropical rain forest, enjoying the title of one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia and the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia?

Tourism Most Beautiful

Bali travel and tourism are one of the most accessible destinations in Southeast Asia, with daily flights from most major cities in Asia and Australia. The average number of incoming flights is 315 every day. Travelers from the United States or Europe tend to fly via Jakarta, Singapore or HongKong, but other travelers to fly direct to Bali. There are also domestic flights and ferry connections to the surrounding islands of Indonesia, with several daily flights to Lombok, just 35 km or 22 miles east of Bali. For many young lovers, Bali has become a " paradise island " which offers a wedding venue and an ideal honeymoon in a romantic tropical environment you will never forget. Families with children will want to be sure to start a few of the many exciting and educational adventures available along the east and west coasts of Bali, including treks to the green mountains, rice fields or tropical rainforest.

Other activities include a visit to an animal park, Taro Elephant Sanctuary, sailing trips, diving and snorkeling and even travel underwater in a submarine 36 seats. There are also many festivals, art exhibitions, markets and museums, each one of them offers a unique cultural experience. The island has so much to offer visitors, whether they are looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation, or a stimulating round of partying and nightlife. And then there are the amazing islands to the east, each surrounded by crystal-clear water. These islands each have a unique atmosphere and is accessible by ferry, air or cruise ship in the calmer luxury sailing ship. ranging from the island of Lombok, and the north - western Gili Islands, all within easy reach of Bali with a daily ferry or fastboats

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