5 Best Tourist Attraction Spots in Bogor Botanical Gardens

5 Best Tourist Attraction Spots in Bogor Botanical Gardens

5 Best Tourist Attraction Spots in Bogor Botanical Gardens
HISTORY Of The Bogor Botanical Gardens

The battle happened in Europe caused the Netherlands experience lethargy, the Kingdom of the Netherlands would likewise develop science, then dikirimlah Cornelis Theodorus Elout, G.A.G.P. and Baron van der Capellen to Indonesia with Prof. George Carl Reinwardt Caspar as Germany-born adviser who moved to the Netherlands, which later in the year 1816 was appointed Director of Agriculture, arts, and education for Java. Reinwardt directly initiate research in the fields of vegetation, he was attracted to investigate various plants used for the treatment and consider the exploration of plant and agricultural problems is also a duty in the Netherlands East Indies. Then he decided to collect all these plants in a botanical garden around the Bogor Palace page previously inhabited by Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Stamford Raffles with his wife Olivia Mariamne Raffles during the transition from the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Kingdom on the island of Java in 1811 to 1816. Through the help of botanist William Kent, the land was originally the Bogor Palace page developed into a beautiful garden. The Raffles Palace page juggling being a United Kingdom classical-style garden. This is the beginning of the Bogor botanical gardens in its present form.

Entrance Ticket To The Bogor Botanical Gardens
 Bogor Botanical Garden Admission & Business Hours

Bogor botanical gardens entrance is said to be very cheap, for the size of the garden the vastness of tens of hectares. The following details the price of admission Bogor botanical gardens:
The entrance ticket Price Bogor botanical gardens
Domestic Usd 15,000
Foreigners 25,000 Usd
4-wheeled vehicle (Circumference) of Rp 30,000
Parking Wheels 2 Rp 5,000
Cycling round the Rp 5,000

* The price of the entrance ticket to Bogor botanical gardens already include insurance Services Together and enter Distribution Raharja Museum of zoology.

Hours open from 07.30-17.00 Bst while the museum of Zoology started is open 08:00 – 16:00 each day.

5 Best Photo Spots in Bogor botanical gardens

1. The Garden of Mexico

The garden of Mexico is one of the thematic Park in KRB. The location is not far from the main entrance of KRB. Once past the main gate, you immediately take the right lane about seven minutes to Mexico.

The views presented are so unique. Rough rocks, with plants such as cactus makes you dominated in the wilderness of Mexico. First, there is a statue of a man playing a traditional art of Mexico complete with a sombrero.

2. The Lotus pond, front Cafe Grand Garden

Still on the right side of Mexico, KRB you down the road toward Walnut cafe Grand Garden. There is a medium sized pond with dozens of lotus flowers bloom on its surface. The color of the flowers so graced the artificial lake, not to mention the 10-metre tall fountain in the Center add to the elegant scenery.

You can take some angle with different background there. Can choose a fountain as the background, or a Grand Garden cafe is famous for its architecture.

3. Suspension bridge

If it feels incomplete to KRB didn't try past the suspension bridge that crosses the width the Ciliwung River. For the first time through it, probably feels stressful. Because of the suspension bridge will vibrate or wobble when traversed by tourists.

In total there are two large red suspension bridge at KRB. Both are the same across the River, and is in the top-right of KRB. To visit it, the first bridge not far from the garden of Mexico, and the second is closer than the House of orchids, or walnuts.

4. Garden Sudjana Kassan

If you go on searching the right part of the KRB, you will arrive at the Park Sudjana Kassan. That Park was the grounds farthest from the main door, one of the limits of the KRB opposite Highway Starlings Hathairattanakool.

The beauty which you can enjoy here, there are a variety of colorful flowers that form the Lions if photographed from above the surface. In addition, the Park also contained fountains and irrigated small river with a beautiful arching bridges.

5. The monument Reindwardt (back of Bogor Palace)

This last option is the spot of the most authentic in KRB, because the location of the photos here leading a backyard of the Palace of Bogor. There is a monument to the memory of the originator KRB C.G. K Reindwardt.

The best time to take pictures here is the afternoon because the park lights orange start is turned on at the moment. Surely it will improve the look of Your selfie photos.

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