Bordeaux Tourist Office France Walking Tour Location

Bordeaux Tourist Office France Walking Tour Location

Bordeaux Tourist Office
Bordeaux Tourist Office France Walking Tour Location - France not only had Paris. There is also a Bordeaux that is not less interesting. Bordeaux was a province of France has named Capital City of Bordeaux. Bordeaux City is a port city located on the Garonne River, located in the South-West of France and bordering Spain. The city centre is located in the West and South of the Garonne River. Bordeaux is the capital City of the region of Aquitaine.

The city of Bordeaux which the inhabitants are called Bordelais was formerly known as the Sleeping Beauty (sleeping), but after former Prime Minister Alain Juppe, resurrecting him into a graceful city, restoring the neoclassical architecture, building area pedestrian and applying high-tech public transportation system, now Bordeaux is already never sleep again. Now the city of Bordeaux has become the sixth largest metropolitan city in France. Bordeaux City is now often referred to as "Little Paris".
Bordeaux Tourist Office

Bordeaux City is classified as a "town of art and history", where there are 362 historic monuments in the city. Many of the historic Moorish make seemed to go back to Roman times. There are no skyscrapers in this city. In France, a city that has more historical buildings of Bordeaux just Paris. Bordeaux has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list as a perotaan with extraordinary architecture.
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The climate of Bordeaux called maritime climate with the average temperature in winter is 6.53 degrees Celsius and the average temperature on the warm season is 19 degrees Celsius. Snowfall is very rare here, usually occurs only once in three years.

Since thousands of years ago, the area of Bordeaux can be associated with a variety of important ports in Europe via the River Garonne and the Dordogne River. Both the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Bordeaux City since a thousand years ago has become one of the busiest commercial cities in France with wine as the main commodity being traded. In total 14% French wine produced by the province. Bordeaux got the predicate wine production center where 80% of the trade of wine around the world comes from Bordeaux.
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Layout of the Bordeaux position geographically right in the middle between the North Pole and the South Pole to make the contour of the land supports a climate suitable for the growth of diverse varieties of vines. The content of the soil of Bordeaux wine-producing areas that make sense of the variety of wine produced.

When you want to tour around the city, you can visit the Cathedral of Saint Andrew which was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Then, there's Le Grand Theatre i.e. monumental theater, built in 1780 with the classic style of Bordeaux.
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You can also take a walk on the Esplanade des Quinconces, the largest square in Europe with beach views, as well as the Jardin Public that there is a botanical garden and natural history museum. Other sights there is a stone bridge Pont de Pierre, the biggest warship Cruiser Colbert, super big clock Grosse Cloche, and shopping in the shopping center Rue Sainte-Catherine.

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