Canton towers - Tower as high as 600 meters skyscraper

Canton towers - Tower as high as 600 meters skyscraper

Canton towers - Tower as high as 600 meters skyscraper - Canton tower made history as the highest TV tower in the world! the unique design and cool putting the TV tower as one of interesting and exotic.

Canton Tower designed by architect Netherlands Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit of INFORMATION BASED ARCHITECTURE (IBA) along with ARUP which is an international engineering and design firm business consulting is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The team is led by the structural engineer Arup Prof. Dr. Joop Paul introduce customization by design in combination with the method of parametric design, and implement the concept of a simple structure consisting of three elements: colums, rings and braces.

 In 2004, IBA and ARUP win international competitions, in which many major international architectural firms participated. That same year, BIA and ARUP in Amsterdam to develop the design concept of the tower. At an advanced stage, IBA collaborates with branch offices of ARUP in china and also with Local Design Institute.

Canton Tower, previously known as Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, which is an observation tower near the Pagoda Chingang, Guangdong, China. Canton Tower was first operated on September 29, 2010 at the opening of the 2010 Asian Games. The tower is the tallest Tower in the world, replacing the CN Tower in Canada who previously held the title as the tallest Tower in the world for 34 years.
 Guangzhou in Chinese, Ta or Canton Tower in the language of the United Kingdom, the official name of Guangzhou. The locals call him Xiao Man waist (Xiao Man, was a renowned geisha in the Tang dynasty (618AD-907AD), which has a very beautiful slim waist). One of the architects, Mark Hemel, make statements behind the uniqueness of the architect of the Canton Tower is a concept: "ubiquitous skyscrapers showing figure figure ' man ' with features introvert, strong, straight, oblong, and according to reps, well we want to make the towers ' women ', a curved, transparent and friendly. Our goal is subtle and sexy tower that will represent the city of Guangzhou as a sensitive, dynamic and exciting. "
Inspiration from the CANTON TOWER: the beauty of ... and parallel with it, success, it works great, for this period, should appear on a concept or philosophy. Indeed we could have built a tower, but without the concept then is merely a building without a soul without a story. Look at the cast works or city, without a story, like see food that looks beautiful but tastes bland.

Therefore, start working, working, with a noble cause, a philosophy of living and lead a struggle and enjoy every step of the process in it, that would be a beautiful story, when success was achieved, and her memory with more meaningful!!

That's the review on Canton towers - Tower of the U.S. the U.S. 600 meters high skyscraper hopefully you got the best places to take pictures there so that your struggle toward canton towers not in vain

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