Dubai Mall - The Biggest Mall in the world to be a Tourist shopping center in The World

Dubai Mall - The Biggest Mall in the world to be a Tourist shopping center in The World

Dubai Mall - The Biggest Mall in the world to be a Tourist shopping center in The World -  For tourists who come to the city of Dubai is definitely one of its objectives is to visit the largest and grandest Mall in the world, namely The Dubai Mall. Mall supposedly is about 3.6 million square meters, and there are more than 1000 stores in it. Wide range of products on sale from the start of electronic, household appliances, clothes, shoes, bags, books, cosmetics, children's toys and much more. Classy products such as Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Burberry and others are all there. Department stores such as Debenhams, Mark & Spencer, Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale's can also be found in the Dubai Mall.

one department store, Galeries Lafayette restaurants serving food from a variety of negarapun are available at the Dubai Mall. In Indonesia, especially if my children are off school, sometimes like also I encouraged him to spend time with the stylish "window shopping" in the Mall, while eating in the food court, buy a book, reading or watching movies.
 the signposts at The dubai Mall first entered The Dubai Mall, just blinking also see breadth. One thing that is in my mind is very unlikely to circling Dubai Mall within 1 day, moreover, we are only a couple of hours just to be there. so which direction should be targeted? We turned out to have its own requirements for purchase, so it seems highly unlikely together surrounding The Dubai Mall because it will certainly spend time alone. Be our Isles needs each and promised to meet again in the "meeting point".

And I happen to like to buy karaoke portable to take home to Baku to follow only the steps my child. Quite helpful information section also shows the direction and place the floor store that we want to be. In addition to the information services board, which contains the type of item and the name of the store is also on each floor.

When we visit The Dubai Mall, lots of sale/discounts offered at each store because there are indeed happened to DSS (Dubai Summer Sale). Wowww, festive sale that almost made us the film, because we live in a country that is quite expensive and somewhat hard to find items that suit your expectations. And we finally decide to buy one of two items that we cannot find in Baku. Does not feel it's been a couple of hours we entered from one store to another store, kakipun been hefty also pegalnya. Finally we decided to eat at one of the Asian restaurants that provide a menu of fried rice, fried noodles and others.

Another feature that is in The Dubai Mall in addition to providing a place to shop and eat for the visitors, the Organizer also offers a variety of games and entertainment for its visitors. Due to time limitations, we only got to see a few places only, the Dubai Aquarium

1. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo are amazed also saw the beauty of a giant Aquarium in the Mall. Visitors to the Mall for free could enjoy the beauty of fish of all kinds with different sizes swim in the crystal clear water is bluish, as if we are witnessing the beauty of life in the sea. The visitors can enjoy the beauty of this mall Giant Aquarium that's only from one side on one wall of this mall. For those who want to see more clearly the content of this Aquarium can pass through the tunnel aquarium with buying entry ticket. private collection-Dubai fountain

2. Dubai the Dubai Fountain Fountain is one of those performances that pity is exceeded when visiting The Dubai Mall. Located in the Burj Khalifa Lake next to the outside of the mall, the Dubai Fountain is a show "dancing fountains in the world" which has a magnitude of water sprays up to as high as 150 metres (the equivalent of a 50-story building) with a length of 275 meters and have five circles of varying sizes. With the accompaniment of music from many countries, the water will snaking to the rhythm of the music.

 These performances are held every day during the day at 13.00 and 13.30. -The evening starts at 6 pm and ends at 11 pm (on weekdays) and 11.30 pm (on a weekend) Actually will be more beautiful when see such performances at night because of the spotlight with various colors will surely make water movement looks more beautiful. But again because of time and fear of not even had a chance to again see, we decide the blockbuster at 6 pm.

waterfall in addition to the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo & Dubai Fountain, there are still other entertainment like a waterfall inside the Mall is decorated with statues of 2 small shaped the person being jumped, a place for great ice skating once and that was actually not too bad we had to do was watch the panoramic view of Dubai from the 124 floor of Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Mall is indeed a magnificent and beautiful, and it's going to be more beautiful when a Mosque is provided for visitors made a great, clean and neatly in the middle of the Mall (or indeed already provided is great, because it happens to be a Muslim Prayer we went small, my impression: much more beautiful small mosque Mall 2 in Jakarta). Hopefully you can visit the Dubai mall.

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