The Best 3 Hotels Near Universal Studios in Osaka Japan - My Travel Blogger

The Best 3 Hotels Near Universal Studios in Osaka Japan - My Travel Blogger

The Best 3 Hotels Near Universal Studios in Osaka Japan - My Travel Blogger - Universal Studios Japan, is a theme park in Osaka, Japan, which opened in 2001. This playground is a playground for Universal Studios which first opened outside the United States area of the country. An amusement park consists of 9 area, with 18 attractions and 20 thematic restaurants. In addition to economical tickects available, there is also a VIP ticket available sign-on with a more expensive price, with the on-site free queue at each attraction.

Universal Studios in Osaka Japan - My Travel Blogger
The most popular attraction is the magical world of Harry Potter, finished just in 2014. the world of Harry Potter's faithful were created in the area. A popular attraction in other areas is "Hollywood Dreams," the fast train that goes forward and backward. You can explore a tropical rain forest, habitat of dinosaurs, with a boat in the area of Jurassic Park, or enjoy a guided adventure attraction at sea with sharks in the region of Amity Village. In the area of the water world, the action people put on a superb performance in "the drifting city Atoll" depicted in the film Waterworld. Backdraft region is also popular among visitors, in which we can experience the effects of a backdraft is used on the fire scene in the film on a reproduction of a movie studio.
Universal Studios in Osaka Japan - My Travel Blogger
Within the Park, a map in a foreign language (in Korea, China and the United Kingdom) are available as well as foreign currency exchange services. First aid station with medical staff, facilities for the care of the baby, and enclosure located inside the Park. Small, medium, large and special large lockers are also available outside the park so you can leave your luggage in advance. You can rent a stroller, wheelchair or electric convenience vehicle and costs. Bring food and drinks in the Park is basically prohibited and we can buy food in the garden. Outside the Garden Gate is Universal Citywalk Osaka, a shopping center with many restaurants. Picnic area outside the main gate is also available. However, once you get out of the garden, you can't log in back again with aregular tickets. Universal City walk Osaka.

Access and tickets

The nearest railway station is the Universal City station. From Osaka International Airport, get in Osaka Monorailand go to Hotaruike Station where you transfer to Hankyu Takarazuka line of Railway and head for Osaka Umeda Station (20 minutes). Then take a train on the JR Osaka loop Line to Nishikujo Station (6 minutes) and transfer to the JR Yumesaki line and get off at the Universal City station. We need to transfer several times but it takes only about 35 minutes total. From Kansai International Airport, take the train on the JR Hanwa line and transfer at Nishikujo Station to JR Yumesaki line (60 minutes) and get off at the Universal City station (5 minutes). Universal Studios Japan is connected by bus to Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport.

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There are several types of passes are sold in the Park: the ordinary ticket, an Annual Studio Pass which allows you to enjoy the garden without limitation, Universal Express Pass that shorten the waiting time for popular attractions are appointed as well as studio tour tickets provides tours within the Park, and tickets for the main event. can also buy tickets at the ticket booth on the day of the visit. We can buy it through the site in advance so that we don't have to wait in line to buy tickets.

If you are planning to visit Universal Studios Japan, and stay in Osaka, The Best 3 Hotels Near Universal Studios in Osaka Japan here can be your choice.

Hotel Keihan Universal Tower

Distance: <200 metres from USJ
The location of the hotel is very easy to find. Located very close to the JR Station and very close to Universal Studios Japan. The hotel is clean and there are facilities for child seats in room sink.

Hotel Keihan Universal City

The hotel is located in the middle of all the facilities: souvenir shops, Hard Rock Cafe Osaka, Universal Studios, train station, ferry, and a restaurant. Very strategic

Hotel Universal Port
It is set in an area of Universal Studios, the rates are still reasonable. Room is quite spacious for the size of hotel Japan the average kid. Marina Bay sands, which are provided in the bath room was also very full and in-package with an attractive wrap.

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