Ocean Park Hong Kong - While learning the best Tourist attractions in Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong - While learning the best Tourist attractions in Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Opened in 1977, Ocean Park Hong Kong is marine park rides shows animal exhibits, attractions, rides and variety – range of performances. In 2012, Ocean Park managed to impress its visitors with world-class experience merging entertainment, education, and conservation of nature for the first time in Asia holds Biannual Applause Award, i.e. the highest award as a place of entertainment and attraction industry.

Ocean Park is located south of Hong Kong is 915,000 square metres, consists of The Waterfront & The Summit accessible by cable car and the Ocean Express.
Adventures in Australia
Adventures in Australia will take you on a quest to meet the animals very riveting Australia in Hong Kong. See koalas-koala with thick fur, and red-necked wallabiesyang berlompat-lompat, and don't miss the music of laughter halunan Kookaburra bird! Discover the richness of the history of Australia where you will also find out how to adapt from a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainablility (LOHAS).

Shark Mystique
Diving trip under the sea to meet with hundreds of sharks and rays that destroy the myths that exist, including the hammerhead shark with a shape resembling a hammerhead shark, and also a zebra with a totol-totol like leopard! Come to see the natural beauty of the sea in this 360 degree exhibition.

Polar adventure-the North and South in one day
Polar adventure, allowing you to be adventurous North and South Poles in one day, from bob sled rides to meetings with the penguins. You can see long-tusked walrus, sea lions, polar weasels, owls and other animals. And if you want a break, Tuxedos Restaurant offers food and drinks while watching the penguin dance their neighbour.

Old town-memory and nostalgia!
The old town offers the cultural uniqueness of Hong Kong in the Decade of the 50, 60, and 70 's. enjoy voice and background projects above doloe Colonial Tram! Terpesonalah with color and the roar of the life of the street and the old atmosphere. Experience the nostalgia and charm bring home keepsakes antique in order to keep its memory alive!

Thrill Mountain
Here, visitors can hanging from a cliff in pinggri roller coaster without floors, or hanging upside down while swinging in The Flash. Fly with The Aviator for the sensation of flying. Don't go home before trying to Rev high-speed Rooster.

Tropical Forests
Crash and rakit feel to the exotic tropical forests. On this trip, you will find animals appealing. Note the behavior of the world's smallest monkey, the Pygmy Marmoset; or see the cute animals, such as the Capybara, the world's largest rat and Kinkajou and Green Aracari, world's smallest toucan.

Aqua City

In the arena of world-class marine game, you can see the Symbio Tuesday, performances of multi sensors for 360-degree screen first in the world, embark on a journey to the Grand Aquarium, or a view of the ocean life from the world's largest aquarium, or through large panel as high as 13 meters. Make sure you visit the Neptune's Restaurant for fine dining experience surrounded by the aquarium's first time in Hong Kong.

Magic Animals Asia
Here, you can see the rarest animals in Asia. Follow the adventures of Pandas to recognize animals native to Asia, such as panda, red panda, Chinese alligator, and salamanders. Admire views of the gold fish in Goldfish Treasures, or visit the brightly colored birds and otters Asian nosy in the village of Panda.

Another popular attraction is the Sea Jelly Spectacular, The Abyss turbo drop, Mine Train roller coaster and show at Ocean Theatre.

When the festive season, a Hong Kong Marine Park hosts events such as the Halloween Bash, Asia's largest Halloween party, and Summer Splash: main water!

Hong Kong Ocean Park is committed to animal conservation support in Hong Kong and Asia. Most earning donated the Conservation Foundation of Hong Kong Ocean Park to fund conservation projects.

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