How Much Does It Cost to Do Skydiving in Dubai

How Much Does It Cost to Do Skydiving in Dubai

How Much Does It Cost to Do Skydiving in Dubai – for the young traveler lovers challenge, it's time try sports that adrenaline to the maximum, especially if not skydiving. So the more memorable, try skydiving from above ceiling Dubai, UAE. Wow!

How Much Does It Cost to Do skydiving in Dubai

Dubai turned out to not only offer luxury tourism, tourism that pun adrenaline available there. As seen detikTravel from the official website of the operator, the sport of skydiving is getting a lot of interest in this from a young traveler coming from various countries of the world.

No wonder, because the experience of plunging from the sky over Dubai could be the experience of a lifetime for the traveler. Dubai's skyline with skyscrapers buildings will become its own views enjoyed from the top of the sky.

For the young traveler's new first tried, it is strongly recommended to fly tandem with experienced instructors. In this tandem flying there are some basic rules to note.

The first traveler's age, of course, must be over 18 years old to try this sport. The second rule is about weight loss, to traveler men's weight must be under 100 Kg, while a female traveler must be under 90 Kg. It to anticipate things unwanted, remember you will fly both with the instructor.

Other restrictions are prohibited in skydiving drunk or drinking-drinks berakohol at least 1 day before flying. Traveler is also prohibited to do scuba diving 1 day before deciding to skydiving.

For clothes, put on a comfortable sporty clothing and wear sneakers or sneakers. Don't ever wear slippers or shoes boots while skydiving because it needed a comfortable shoe when landing.

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The operator of skydive Dubai open from Tuesday until Saturday from 05:00 until 10:00 pm local time. The operator will operate all year, but adjusting well with the existing weather conditions, given the weather factors play an important role in this sport.

If the weather does not allow to plunge, a traveler who has paid the fee will be refunded in full. Dates for parachuting pun can direschedule again. So, the young traveler need not worry.

The price is pegged to this range in skydiving operators 1,999 Dirhams ($ 7.2 million). The price is worth it considering the activities challenging the young traveler guts will be documented by a team of professionals in the form of photographs and video that could cool a traveler take 45 minutes after skydiving is completed. Interested in trying?

Free flip will be conducted some time before your instructor opens the parachute and started relaxing plunge time for five minutes. It's time to enjoy the amazing views while swooped over Palm Jumeirah towards the zone of the runway. Like to skydive above the dunes as well? Skydive Dubai zone has a ' flip ' second in the desert, with the campus (pos) located about 35 kilometres outside the city.

With the number one safety consideration, strict rules and discipline should always be followed; the complete list is available on the website of Skydive Dubai.

That's about How Much Does It Cost to Do Skydiving in Dubai. Hope can benefits anda useful for you.

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