Florida Keys - The heaven of the world that exists in the United States

Florida Keys - The heaven of the world that exists in the United States

Florida Keys - The heaven of the world that exists in the United States - The Florida Keys are a collection of coral islands located off the coast of South Florida. The Florida Keys have become one of the tourist spots in America's most popular for Americans looking for a tropical vacation without having to leave their own countries. The main tourist activities in the Florida Keys in between fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, boating, sailing, kayaking and eco-tours.
The Florida Keys has a length of approximately 110 miles and each island connected by a bridge called the Overseas Highway. There are 5 interesting spot in the Florida Keys, i.e. Key Largo places where you can enjoy the beauty of underwater, famous as the location of Islamorada sport fishing, Marathon offers a variety of resort to relax, Big Pine Key providing various types of tours like snorkeling or bird watching, and Key West also known as Last Resort.

The coral islands are divided into three regions: upper, middle and lower keys.

Where this section is three buttons You would like to spend his vacation, a matter of taste.

However, a tour of all the individual parts of the Florida Keys is highly recommended.
In various Ferienwohnungen in Florida during the tour, guaranteed to get the right accommodations.
You must restart the tour in Miami. From there to the island of Key Largo you first have to 60 Miles, this corresponds to approximately 96 Km, lying down. Key Largo he began Overseas highway, it leads to the southernmost point of the United States.

Key Largo, an island North of the Florida Keys, inspired by their unique natural landscapes and especially the impressive water wilderness of Everglades National Park on the West.

Also, North America's only coral reef preserved life located in the East of the island. Because of this unique underwater world and the key is the impressions not offered a popular destination of divers Largo, Kayak riders and other eco-tourists.

Special middle button as the angler's paradise. About 500 different kinds of fish lure deep sea fishing and sports fishing along the entire lock in the sea.
Floridas Delfine

Recreation, it is, however, opposed to the peaceful intentions with the creatures of the sea, should visit the dolphin research center.

There you can go in the pool rubbing shoulders with the dolphins.

Experience, swimming with these animals special, leaf characteristics of most tourists, the memory of a wonderful and unforgettable vacation in the Florida Keys.

The most famous of the buttons located in the last section of a paradise vacation, the lower button.

Key West is located on the island of Key West, the only 3.2 times steps 6.4 kilometres, home of about 27,000 Inhabitants is.
To visit this unusual city you should plan more than a day's journey in any case.

The House, built in the Victorian style and the villas provide key West unique attraction.

The sea and the white beaches, however, are the main reasons, why this town as a popular destination of many tourists.

To meet the holiday rush, the town offers tourists a few: accommodation in every price range, a variety of shops, snacks and specialty restaurants overlooking the harbour devoted to special needs travelers.

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