Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California - The purpose of Exciting Attractions at once creepy

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California - The purpose of Exciting Attractions at once creepy

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California - The purpose of Exciting Attractions at once creepy - Since its completion in 1937 during 37 years of subsequent bridge is crowned as the longest bridge in the world. Golden Gate bridge itself was the result of a giant project initiated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to tackle unemployment and stimulate the American economy post-Great Depression. Golden Gate Bridge project cost USD 27 Million dollars and lasts for 4 years. The length of the Golden Gate Bridge is almost 2 km.

Two other projects are no less notable than the Golden Gate Bridge and was built in the period of the Great Depression was the building of the Empire State Building in New York (which had become the world's tallest building for decades), and the Hoover Dam on the Arizona-Nevada border.
Beyond its status as a symbol of the city of San Francisco, when it built this bridge gained a reputation that's pretty respectable i.e. a lack of numbers of accidents of work. During construction, the number of workers who are killed because of work accidents is about 11 people. This is a special figure in his era, because the construction of Hoover Dam, for example, more than 100 workers were killed. The low death rate in the process of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge is due to dipasangnya rescue nets. No fewer than 19 workers could be saved by these nets.

When on the Golden Gate Bridge construction process became a role model for safety, not the case at the time the bridge is completed. In addition to functioning as a bridge – this place is apparently also has a record as a favorite place for. ... Suicide (suicide)
 There are no buildings in this world that can rival the Golden Gate Bridge as a favorite place to commit suicide. Since its completion, the estimated 1300 suicides took place at the bridge. The average number is 1 case every two weeks. In such a large number of suicides to the extent that the bridge authorities stopped counting when suicide numbers reach 1000 in 1995). Since early 2005, recorded 20 suicides took place at the bridge. Most of these suicides recorded in the camera mounted in some parts of the bridge when a documentary filmmaker Eric Steel to install cameras in this place.

Compare the height of these suicides by other objects such as the Eiffel Tower became the site of a successful suicide events as much as 400 cases, when the tower was completed much earlier than the Golden Gate Bridge.

Not all suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge went smoothly. Until 2003 approximately 26 people fail to commit suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge. The main cause is that they hit the water with the feet first. However, almost everyone who failed suicide attempt regretted their choice to use the Golden Gate Bridge. No wonder, because at the moment it fails most of those who survived suffered a multiple fracture (broken bones at various locations) and injury to internal organs. Estimated time to hit the water from a height of 67 meters the speed of falling reaches 120 km/h which lasted for 4 seconds. At a speed like that the water level can be just the effect with the concrete surface.

 High suicide case this is what makes the authority of the Government of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge plan to build a fence rail so that the separator, the separator is as high as 1.2 meters which are currently located on the East side of the bridge will be elevated so that the more troublesome people who want to commit suicide.

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